OpenPGP support in the new Psi Jabber client

John B
Wed Jun 18 08:33:01 2003

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On Tuesday 17 June 2003 11:51, Graham wrote:
> On Tuesday 17 Jun 2003 3:06 pm, CL Gilbert wrote:
> > Interesting.  I haven't used IMs since my ICQ number was stolen about
> > 3-4 years ago.  Would that make this the only one with GnuPG
> > encryption?
> No.  Kopete also carries GPG encryption and you can connect it to
> standalone service (AIM,MSN,Yahoo,etc) as well as Jabber through which
> you can connect these services too.
> Psi has the advantage that it is cross platform and therefore BOTH
> Windows and Linux Users (and apparently MacOS and other unices than
> Linux) can use it with GPG support.
> Only wish I could compile it.  My distro doesn't have the qt3 files in
> the expected places and as yet there is not an rpm version out of Psi
> 6!

  GAIM has gnupg support also IIRR, or a plugin for its use, and is also cr=

  In a console, just do something like this:

QTDIR=3D/path/to/qt3/libs  (for example, mine are QTDIR=3D/usr/lib/qt3)
export QTDIR
rpm -ivh Psi.rpm (or ./configure, make, make install or checkinstall)

  This should be all you need to do to let the rpm or tarball know where=20
something is for it to use.

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