Why CAs or public keysigning?

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Peter L. Smilde wrote:
| The problem I stated was not: "Do I trust the signers of a key". For
| this problem I assume I DO TRUST the CA or at least some of the keyparty
| signers. So I believe they have checked the ID of the person carefully.
| My problem is different: even WHEN I trust that they have checked a
| person, I cannot be sure that they checked the person I want to
| communicate with. This problem occurs as soon as duplicate names are
| possible.
| A CA that convinces me to sign only completely (or very likely) unique
| UIDs (even unique for persons that are not yet registered by the CA,
| otherwise I might send my secrets to the registered person, although I
| expected to send it to the unregistered one) is OK, but most
| (OpenPGP-)CAs don't make such statements.
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| Peter L. Smilde
| Budenheim, Germany

The CA needs to produce for you the material they used to authenticate
the user in question.  If they do not, then you have no way to identify
the person.  What you need is a personal meeting.

For me, if you will only ever communicate on the computer, then a
computer authentication should be all you ever need.  if you intend to
make a personal meeting, then you need to authenticate the human person
to the computer user.  If you plan to have phone communication then you
need to authenticate the phone number to the computer user.  This is all
easy by simply receiving a signed email from the computer user with a
picture and a phone number in it.

Note PGP does not help you trust the person you are dealing with, it
only helps you to authenticate them to a standard <b>you</b> must
initially set.

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