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CL Gilbert
Wed Jun 18 20:08:01 2003

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Ben Branders wrote:
| Hi everyone,
| I just switched from PGP to GnuPG.  I now use Mozilla with Enigmail.
| There is only one problem.  How do you download public keys from a
| keyserver with GnuPG/Enigmail ??

You can't.  Enigmail can automatically lookup and download keys from
signatures found in emails.  But without an email, enigmail can not do
anything.  So you must use GnuPG for that.

| I tried several times and with different keyservers, but it just doesn't
| work...  .
| This is what the error window says: (with a http server)
|> enigmail> c:\tools\gnupg\gpg.exe --batch --no-tty --status-fd 2
|> --keyserver http :// --recv-keys 0x9B15A06C gpg: NOTE:
|> old default options file `C:/Mijn documenten/PGP\options' ignored
|> gpg: system error while calling external program: No such file or
|> directory gpg: WARNING: unable to remove tempfile (out)
|> `C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\gpg-8BB970\tempou t.txt': No such file or directory
|> gpg: no handler for keyserver scheme "http"
| And this happens with a LDAP server
|> enigmail> c:\tools\gnupg\gpg.exe --batch --no-tty --status-fd 2
|> --keyserver
|> ldap :// --recv-keys 0x9B15A06C gpgkeys: internal LDAP
|> bind error: Server buiten bedrijf gpg: NOTE: old default options file
|> `C:/Mijn documenten/PGP\options' ignored gpg: no valid OpenPGP data
|> found. gpg: Total number processed: 0
| What am I doing wrong? Am I using the wrong keyserver?

probably try a different keyserver but also try it without the protocal
'http:' or 'ldap:' attached to your command.

| Thanks in advance...

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