Why CAs or public keysigning?

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Wed Jun 18 23:36:02 2003

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On 18-Jun-2003/13:15 +0200, "Peter L. Smilde" <peter.smilde@smilde-becker.net> wrote:
>But what, when I (or my trustworthy friends) don't have direct contact
>with a person and his key has only been signed by CAs or by persons he
>only has met on a public keysigning-party (case 4)? That means that his
>key has been signed by persons, that I cannot ask personally if the
>person they checked really is the person I expect him to be (like case
>2) and I cannot recognise any relationship to him (like case 3). Then I
>only know (to the extend as anybody can check IDs and to the extend as I
>trust the signer), that the person who owns the key really has the name
>in the UID. But how do I know that the key belongs to the person I want
>to communicate with, in face of the fact that many names are not quite

You could ask the CA or other keysigner if the key owner is the person you
expect. They may not be able to confirm that for you. It is likely that
you will have to confirm that yourself, outside of the WoT.

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