What is this -> "Your email message was addressed to a domain name that is being retired."???

Joseph Bruni jbruni@mac.com
Thu Jun 19 03:03:01 2003

Well, if their admins are anything like the developers where I work, 
you'll be lucky if they even know what "man" is. It amazes me how 
corporations tend to accumulate large bodies of Luddites in their IS 

On Wednesday, June 18, 2003, at 03:20 PM, Todd wrote:

> Of course.  I explained to the postmaster@totsa.com that this list 
> runs Gnu
> Mailman, which is quite common list software and ought to be easy to 
> filter
> for.  But I don't think the folks who set up the auto-responder have a 
> clue.
> They aren't even caching the responses to avoid sending multiple one's 
> per
> sender.  Hell, 'man procmailex' shows you how to do it, any ISP ought 
> to be
> able to figure it out before they implement this.  :)