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Sachin Prasad wrote:
| Hi all,
|  i am absolutely new user of this signature stuff ( i am not even a
user till now ...can you find a signature :)
| well i read all the faqs and and documentation but i guess they are
far more technical
| I have my queries listed below ....any help will be appriciated :)
| 1. Why you all  send a cryptive message in your mails ...does it mean
that they are public keys and you are spreading it across and also does
that mail with that message mean that email is signed ?
Yes, I think you are seeing the signature bytes in he email.  These
bytes allow the gpg tool to identify which public key to download.  once
the public key is obtained, the signature can be verified.

| 2. what am i supposed to do with that message which i get from your
mails i have to save it or what ...does it any way prove that the
sender is genuine ?
Your email reader should automatically verify the signature.  You
probably need a plugin for your mail reader to do that.  I think you can
also verify it manually with the gpg tool.

| 3. If I create that cryptive message will that be any how readable to
you ?
No, the signature is not 'humanly readable.'  It only serves as an
indicator of wether the mail has been modified or not since it was
signed.  And only to those that hold a copy of the signing public key.

| 4. Where is my private key and how am i gonna use it?
Your private key should be in your private key ring, if you have created
it.  type 'gpg --list-keys' you should see your key.  type 'gpg
- --edit-key yourkey' to see and edit your key.

| 5. There is a plugin listed in the site for outlook which
automatelcally attaches that thing ...but the language is not english am i gonna use this in windows with MS OUTLOOK 2000

unsure but I didnt think their was a plugin for outlook2000.

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