Downloading public keys with GnuPG

Patrick Brunschwig
Fri Jun 20 11:46:02 2003

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Ben Branders wrote:
> CL Gilbert wrote:
>> Interesting.  This works for me.  Can you send signed mails?
> Yes, I can do that.  That's no problem.
>> Sounds like Enigmail is not working properly.  For me I get a x'ed out
>> pencil
>> on signed messages that have sigs I do not know.  I push the pencil and
>> then it begins to connect to the server that I chose, and DL the key.
>> Are you sure those people have their key in the keyserver you have
>> chosen to quary?  Sometimes I have to use a diff server because a user
>> might be only in a specific one.  Do you get the pencil icon?
> The same here.  An unknown signature gets a broken pen and a know but
> untrusted signature a pen with an questionmark.
> I can also click on the pen.  Enigmail _tries_ to download the public
> key.  Then it says it can't find the server or it can't find the key.
> But tried with different (working) servers and with different keys... At
> least one key has to be on a server, don't you think?

are you sitting behind a proxy server? If so, check this:

- -Patrick

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