gnupg 1.2.3 release candidate

David Ellement
Fri Jun 20 15:08:01 2003

On 2003-06-19, David Shaw wrote
> > If you had problems building 1.2.2 we appreciate if you can check out
> > this release.
> Specifically, if any of the folks with HP/UX problems with
> gettimeofday(), or Solaris problems with "undefined reference to
> `bind_textdomain_codeset'", or IRIX and "l10nflist.c" could check
> this...  You know who you are :)

This is superfluous, following Dr. Beebe's report, but since I know who
we are, I'll report it anyway: 1.2.3rc compiled without problems on my
HP-UX 11.11 platform.

David Ellement