Why CAs or public keysigning?

CL Gilbert Lamont_Gilbert@RigidSoftware.com
Fri Jun 20 22:15:03 2003

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Ty C. Mixon wrote:
| Hi group!  I've been lurking a while.
| On Fri, 2003-06-20 at 14:01, David Shaw wrote:
| [snip]
|>As I said, then, in your case signature levels don't help you much.
|>>Anything less than absolute security is absolute insecurity.
|>Not at all true.
| I have to agree with David here.  The first thing you learn about
| security is it's a myth.  The only way to keep a secret is to never tell
| it, that kind of thing.  Second, you can know that I trust person A with
| some things (company info for instance), but I sure as hell wouldn't
| trust them if I was having an affair.
| So by Gilbert's definition, person A is completely insecure for
| information storage.
| And don't try to tell me it's not the same thing b/c from what I've been
| reading, this is all about WHO you can trust, not about the technology
| of security.  If I'm wrong on that then my whole argument goes out the
| window.

I dont agree with that because we are talking about a computer not a
person.  Either that computer is completely secure, or its completely
insecure.  Their is no such thing as a 1/2 secure computer.  1 flaw or
100 flaws, its all the same.

We are not talking about keeping the secret, only about the computer or
the gpg system, not being the one to give it up.

I fail to see why anyone would trust a signature that says I did not
completely verify this person.

Its the same issue I get at work often.  Crime is intentional.  If your
security methods are casual, you are not meeting the challenge.  Casual
security does not provide anything.  Maybe it saves you from mistaken
identity, but not intentional malicious identity fraud.

yall are saying I am not right here, but I would need an example of how
that is possible.

Its like a female in a night club with a drink.

susan. Were you watching my drink while I went to the bathroom?
jolie. "2"
susan. Then you drink it...

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