Upgrade from 1.0.7-6 to 1.2.2 in RedHat 8.0

Ty Cabugao tycabugao@earthlink.net
Fri Jun 20 23:17:02 2003

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The old executable is probably in /usr/bin while the new one is  likely in 

/usr/loca/bin.  Remove or rename the old one and mover or symlink the new
you should be fine.

I got it going! All the suggestions were true. Found the "new" ones in /usr/local/bin. I was able to execute all the functions of gpg. However, for some strange reason, it still would not come up when I did an rpm -q or rpm -qa | grep. So, I went ahead and did an rpmbuild, as was suggested, and installed from there.... Sweet!

Thanks a lot, ladies and gents!

Ty Cabugao