messed up a bit

Marcin Gil
Mon Jun 23 15:42:02 2003

Hi there!

Considering all your opinions I did something like this:
- revoked my key <mgil : vernet pl> and sent a revcert to
- deleted a signature of <mgil : vernet pl> from my second (thus now primary) key <mgil : bmp net pl>

I've sent updated <mgil : bmp> key to Boom. There are
two self-signatures of <mgil : bmp> and I don't know why.
I've messed something up and don't know what.. please explain.

I can revcert the key, since only 1 or 2 people got it.

  Marcin Gil
    email#   mgil : vernet pl | GaduGadu ID# 185057
    JID# dentharg : chrome pl | OpenPGP Key# 0x1C8C4ABE