Enigmail and GPG

Ty Cabugao tycabugao@earthlink.net
Mon Jun 23 22:10:02 2003

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| I am running Redhat 8.0, with Mozilla v. 1.3 installed. I went to the
enigmail.mozdev.org site and installed the enigmail xpi's. Everything
looks okay, except that when I attempt to use sign/encrypt or
verify/decrypt any emails, I get a "Failed to initialize Enigmail"
message. I have checked my enigmail preferences and everything looked
okay. Am I missing something?
| Thanks!
| Ty
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You got the wrong version of enigmail for the version of mozilla you
have.  which 1.3 do you have? the one built with gcc3.2 or the one build
with the earlier version of gcc?

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Thank you,
CL Gilbert

How does one find out what version of GCC was mozilla built with? I thought all of mozilla after v. 1.2 was built on gcc 3.2. From what I remember, I installed mozilla using an "installer" that I unpacked from the moz tar.