[gpg]Re: decrypt stdin with passphrase in

Steve Butler sbutler@fchn.com
Wed Jun 25 17:47:01 2003

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>* Robert <qg7l80202 at sneakemail.com> [2003-06-25 10:50]:
>> Now, what I'd REALLY like to find is a way to do this without
>> either the passphrase OR the encrypted block of text to disk...  My
>> problem seems to be that I can't pipe anything FROM any stream
>> stdout and I can't pipe TO any stream except stdin.

>The example showed you how to use fd 3 as input -- that's the
>"3<passfile" bit...

That's I/O redirection. 

I don't think there is any syntax that allows _pipe_ (|) to use
anything other than stdlist and stdin.

However, Unix does allow a file_name to be set up as a pipe/node and
these can have I/O redirection.  That may alleviate the concern for
having the information on the disk (as it most likely will never
actually be written to the disk but simply pass through memory).

Finally, there are bi-directional pipes that can be set up in Unix
(I've not used them) to allow coordinated communcation between two
processes in the same process stack.  The jr DBA has the shell book
is out today.  Therefore, I can't follow up to check out the actual
syntax and usage.

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