gpg--verify ouput stderr
Mon Jun 30 06:51:01 2003

Hi all,

I am in the process (off and on) of writing a front end for gnupg,
I have most of the features I want working at this time 
but when I was working on 
sigs "--verify" I was not getting any output through stdout, to find out
if the clearsigned message was ok. through the debugger I found the results
are comming through stderr instead for the good or bad sigs, 
Is this the way it is meant to be??

I ended up having to add another thread to read stderr (knew I had to do
it eventually but damn lazy) to get around the problem, I also tried to redirect
the error output to stdout but was not happy with doing this.

my other question relates to key information, 
It was recommended to me to use --list-keys --with-colons to get the output,
this is fine but I am not sure what the format is of the output.
eg the letters included in the colons ::u:<whatever>::::
i kinda can guess the meaning but would like solid info on the format
can anyone help me with this?

Best Regards