Newbie seeking mail client

Uwe Höpfner
Mon Jun 30 12:09:51 2003

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Hei there,

Sylpheed is nice. Its small, fast and has build-in gnupg support. You need a proper installation of gnupg, the community is very helpful. Sylpheed exists for several linux-version and Win32, so look for Claws-w32 on their homepage:
I am using it now for about 12 month from version, i think, 0.5 up to the most recent 0.9.0-11, so the final 1.0 is on the horizon. But for me it works very good and is as reliable (or ever more) as commercial WIN-Products. It plays by the rules (not Microsoft rules), no macros, active-x, HTML-Mail, s-mime etc. Give it a try.

Have fun


On Mon, 30 Jun 2003 12:44:42 +0530
"Abhay S. Kushwaha" <> wrote:

> I'm a newbie using WinPT (0.7.96rc1) & GPG (1.2.2) and still trying to
> get things working for myself. I'm learning! :)
> I have been using Outlook Express (before) and recently Outlook XP.
> But I want to switch over to using some Windows-based client that has
> it's concepts in line with those of GPG, has native support for
> PGP/mime - Open source, etc. etc. and probably help test/improve it.
> Any suggestions?
> [abhay]
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