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CL Gilbert
Mon Jun 30 14:46:02 2003

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David Shaw wrote:
| On Thu, Jun 26, 2003 at 12:09:59AM -0700, Michael Schweppe wrote:
|>I recently installed GnuGP on my PowerBook G4.  The app seems to work
|>fine.  I can encrypt/decrypt locally with no issues.
|>However a friend recently started using PGP 8 and sent me an encrypted
|>message with my public key.  When I went to decrypt it I got this text
|>in a pop up dialog box:
|>gpg: NOTE: old default options file '/Users/michaels/.gnupg/options'
|>Can someone tell me what this means?
| It means you have two config files.  GnuPG is warning you that it is
| ignoring the old one (named "options").  It is unrelated to your
| friend using PGP 8.
| David

perhaps the error message needs to be clarified a bit.  I also had no
idea what it was meaning.

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