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So this dual encryption is done with one message? if I encrypt to 10
different people, it can do this in a single message?

Encrypt to self does not seem self-explanatory enough.  I thought it
meant when I send myself an email, which I do from time to time, that it
should encrypt it.

What is my certification that the email actually was sent encrypted?  My
sent mail box does not contain the actual mail sent, but a different
email.  Somehow that just does not seem correct.  I suppose unchecking
"encrypt to self" will solve my issue.


Eddie Roosenmaallen wrote:
| Hi,
| When you encrypt an email, it encrypts both to the recipient's public key
| and to your own - this way you can read it as well as the recipient.
| If you want to disable this for whatever reason, in the Enigmail >
| Preferences dialog, there's an option to "Encrypt to Self".
| Peace,
|   Eddie Roosenmaallen
| CL Gilbert wrote:
|>I sent an email to someone.  I encrypted it.  If I look at the email in
|>my sent folder, I can still read it.  If I look at the source of the
|>email, I can see that it is encrypted.  Why am I able to decrypt this
|>email and read it?  I though the encryption was one way and only the
|>private key could decrypt it!?
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