[gpg]Re: decrypt stdin with passphrase in

Steve Butler sbutler@fchn.com
Mon Jun 30 16:43:03 2003

>On 8420 day of my life Steve Butler wrote:
>>>The example showed you how to use fd 3 as input -- that's the
>>>"3<passfile" bit...
>> That's I/O redirection. 
>> I don't think there is any syntax that allows _pipe_ (|) to use
>> anything other than stdlist and stdin.

>echo mypassword | gpg --passphrase-fd 3 3<&0 <file.gpg

Well, to split hairs here, and hair splitting seems to be in vogue right
now, that's still I/O redirection.  The pipe itself is still writing to
STDIN even though STDIN is being redirected to FD 3.  

Now if the pipe had a syntax such as 1|3 or even 2|3 (output from STDERR
piped to FD 3), then I'd agree that the syntax for _pipe_ allowed it to use
other file handles than STDLIST and STDIN.

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