Key signing...

Peter Lavender
Sun Mar 2 11:25:01 2003

Hi Everyone,

I'm sure this is a no brainer, but it's got me stumped, and the FAQ
and the Guide and various documents from a google search haven't
turned anyhting up.  So I ask the list...

I'm trying to understand the key signing process as it pertains to
getting my key signed.

As I currently understand it, the idea is to get my own key signed by
others.  Once my key is signed by someone else, they export it and
send it back to me, at which point I import it.  Now their signature
is included when I sign emails.

Is this right?

This how the WoT works isn't it?

It seems to make sence to me, otherwise if my key is signed and never
sent to me, how will anyone else who recieves a signed email from me
know who else trusts my signature?

If I'm wrong, I'd appreciate an explaination of how it should work,
becuase I've been wrong for some time now.. :-/

Thanks for your patience.. :)