Key signing...

Per Tunedal
Sun Mar 2 20:03:02 2003

At 18:27 2003-03-02 +0100, you wrote:
 >Am Sonntag, 2. M=E4rz 2003 13:43 schrieb Per Tunedal:
 >> Hi Peter,
 >> At 21:37 2003-03-02 +1100, Peter Lavender wrote:
 >>  >Hi Everyone,
 >>  >
 >>  >As I currently understand it, the idea is to get my own key signed by
 >>  >others.  Once my key is signed by someone else, they export it
 >> They may export the signed key to a keyserver and anyone updating the=
 >> from the keyserver will learn about the new signatures. You may download
 >> your own key with the new signatures from the keyserver as welll.
 >IMHO the signer should send the signed key to the owner and let the owner
 >decide if he wants the signatuer or not.
 >After a key signing party you may get a lot of signatures and the key=
 >should decide wich signatures he will accept and upload.
 >Best regards
Unfortunately the key owner cannot decide on what signatures to "accept" as=
anyone can sign a key and anyone can send the signed key to a key server.

It's up to you to decide which signatures to trust. If a key that is new to=
you is signed by several others you might be lucky to find it signed by=20
someone you trust. That's the WOT.

Per Tunedal=20