Stripped down (minimalistic) gpg?

Adi Linden
Tue Mar 4 00:56:02 2003

> When you build GnuPG, use ./configure --disable-exec --disable-dynload
> That will leave out some extra stuff you don't need like the keyserver
> support, photo ID support, and the ability to dynamically load the
> IDEA cipher.
> The development GnuPG allows you to also use --disable-xxxxx to leave
> out individual algorithms, and --enable-minimal to make the smallest
> gpg possible.  The minimal GnuPG has only DSA, Elgamal, RSA, MD5,
> 3DES, SHA-1, RMD160, ZIP and ZLIB.

Did the ./configure --disable-exec --disable-dynload --enable-minimal 
followed by a make LDFLAGS="-Wl,-static" and I got a working static gpg 
binary. Good stuff, thanks a bunch!