passphrase-fd $msg & $pass from command line?

Hack Hawk
Tue Mar 4 04:35:02 2003


Please forgive me for discussing a topic already discussed in the archives, 
but I can't seem to find the "very specific" answer I'm looking for.

I'm writing a PHP script to --clearsign a message.

1) I've found out how to clearsign text passed on the command line.
   $msg = "my message";
   $cmd = "echo '$msg' | gpg --clearsign --passphrase-fd 2 2<pass.txt";

2) I've found out how to clearsign a file, with the password sent on the 
command line.  Not sure if the syntax is exactly correct cause I already 
overwrote this one.
   $cmd = "echo PASS | gpg --clearsign --passphrase-fd 0 msg.txt";

But what I'm failing to find is a way to pass BOTH the message AND the 
password on the command line without using any files at all.  Is this even 
possible, or am I just dreaming?

Best Regards
- hawk