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Todd Todd <Freedom_Lover@pobox.com>
Tue Mar 4 21:57:02 2003

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Hi all,

I was preusing the GnuPG FAQ today and I noticed something that seems like
it should be updated.  The FAQ says to send updates to the maintainer, but I
couldn't find the current maintainers address in the FAQ.  I'm guessing that
they're on this list.

Question 7.3) How does the whole trust thing work?

states in part:

You can get a list of the assigned trust values (how much you trust the
owner to correctly sign another person's key) with:

$ gpg --list-ownertrust

The first field is the fingerprint of the primary key, the second field is
the assigned value:

   - = No ownertrust value yet assigned or calculated.
   n = Never trust this keyholder to correctly verify others signatures.
   m = Have marginal trust in the keyholders capability to sign other
   f = Assume that the key holder really knows how to sign keys.
   u = No need to trust ourself because we have the secret key.

However, this is not how ownertrust it output any more.  The NEWS file says
that --list-ownertrust was renamed to --export-ownertrust way back in
gnupg-0.3.3 and that it only exports defined ownertrust values.  Also, the
output does not use the key above, it uses numbers.  Perhaps this section
could be updated to reflect this change?

For a moment, I was excited thinking I'd learned of a new gpg command that I
didn't know previously. ;-)  So I was dissapointed when I tried it and found
it doesn't work.  What I've done to check out the ownertrust for a
particular key is:

    $ gpg --edit-key <keyid> quit

Now that I'm thinking about it, is there another way to go about this?

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