New crypto idea implemented in gpg
Wed Mar 5 23:45:01 2003

>Message: 7
>Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 10:12:20 -0500 (EST)
>From: "Brent R. Waters" <bwaters@CS.Princeton.EDU>
>Subject: New crypto idea implemented in gpg
> I
>recently worked on a new type of cryptography scheme that I call 
>Incomparable Public Key scheme and implemented the idea in gpg.
>The basic idea is that some private decryption keys there can be 
>equivalent, but incomparable public keys. This means that data encrypted
>with any one of the equivalent public keys can be decrypted by the 
>private key, but holders of public keys will not be able to tell 
>if they
>are equivalent (thus the incomparable part).
>Anyway, I implemented this idea into gpg to allow people to try 
>this out
>in the real world. The code and a paper describing the idea in more 
>is available at . 
>I would
>like to hear questions or comments from anyone who gets the chance 
>to try
>this out.

sounds interesting

could you put up a sample test private key, and several of the 'Incomparable' public keys, and post the url?

it would be interesting to see if pgpdump or gpg --list-packets
can detect commonalities that would link the 'incomparables'

a possible problem with this setup is if you ever sign with the private key,

then, if it verifies with each of the 'incomparables', they can be seen to be from the same private key, and traced to you anyway.



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