New crypto idea implemented in gpg

Brent R. Waters bwaters@CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Mar 11 21:07:02 2003


I took Werner's suggestion and moved the Incomparable Public Key algorithm
to #106 instead of #39. There has also been a suggestion that I should
make my code be able to produce Incomparable Public Keys in such a way
that they can be used in standard GPG (presumably they could become
something like ElGamal encrypt-only keys). While this is an intriguing idea
I think for now I will shy away from it. In addition to possible coding
nuances I am concerned about interfering with the OpenPGP standards in
some way (I already managed to do that with my initial choice of the
algorithm number).

If people are interested in trying out this idea they can use
the code that I put up. (My code should be able to handle the other
OpenPGP stuff also, although since it is a test version it is probably
best to separate the two.) Werner has informed me that if the idea works
well there is a decent chance it might become incorporated into the
standard at some time in the future. So it looks like there is a chance
that it could become part of OpenGPG in a clean way.