problems with changing trust

Jozef Riha
Fri Mar 14 16:12:02 2003

running gpg --update-trustdb i get the following output. note that the 
program doesn't give me any chance to choose anything from the menu.. 
after releasing Enter it just terminates with an error message.

[evmi@localhost Documents]$ gpg --update-trustdb
gpg: kontrola v hloubce 0 podepsáno=1 ot(-/q/n/m/f/u)=0/0/0/0/0/2
K není pr(ir(azena žádná hodnota du*ve(ry:
1024D/764EAD5C 2001-12-23 "So\xf2\x61 \xd8\xedhov\xe1\x20"
Fingerprint: 7FFE 2F8C E213 73C3 CE78  89ED 4E3F DCB2 764E AD5C

Prosím rozhodne(te, nakolik du*ve(r(ete tomuto uživateli, že správne(
verifikuje klíc(e jiných uživatelu* (prohlédnutím cestovních pasu*,
kontrolou fingerprintu* z ru*zných zdroju*...)?

  1 = Nevím
  2 = Nedu*ve(r(uji
  3 = Du*ve(r(uji c(ástec(ne(
  4 = Du*ve(r(uji úplne(
  i = prosím o více informací
  s = pr(eskoc(it tento klíc(
  u = ukonc(it

gpg: Ohhhh jeeee: ... toto je chyba v programu 
secmem usage: 1408/1408 bytes in 2/2 blocks of pool 1408/16384

[in english it could be: gpg: oooops. this is an error in application 

i get the same running --edit-key xyz and then typing trust.

gnupg version:

i do not know if this means anything but i detected a new mail in 
/var/spool/mail/evmi which never happened before. it says something 
about gnupg.

the key is already signed and i solved the situation by adding 
trusted-key xyz into option file (~/.gnupg). now the trust of the 
mentioned key is set to -/f. i would like to set it to u/u.

thanks for your help.


-- jozef riha