signing header required?

Anthony E. Greene
Sat Mar 15 23:59:01 2003

On 15-Mar-2003/14:51 -0700, Nicholas Bludworth <> wrote:
>I looked through the FAQ and a few of the archives, but haven't seen 
>anything about this. Forgive me if it's a common question. When signing 
>a message, is the header at the beginning of the message required? If 
>you aren't sure what I am referring to, here it is:

Yes, it is required. OpenPGP applications have to know where the signed
data starts and where it ends. There is no garuntee that the entire
message body will be signed. For instance, suppose I forward your message
to someone else, or I send you an archived copy of a signed message. Or
suppose and email app sends the entire message, mail headers and all, to
an OpenPGP app for processing. In these cases, the OpenPGP data needs to
be marked.

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