AW: Import of GnuPG KeyPair to PGP

Huels, Ralf SCORE
Mon Mar 17 09:07:01 2003

Per Tunedal writes:
> No, but the same has happened to me with an older version of 
> PGP. I thought
> the reason was that the key is encrypted in a better way with GPG.
> I am really interested in what is behind this behavior.
>  >Just for the heck of it I tried to import my GnuPG Key pair into
>  >the freeware version of PGP 8.0.  All seems OK until I attempt
>  >to encrypt. The program complains of a bad passphrase.  Any idea
>  >why this happens?
>  >
>  >Doug R.

The problem used to be that PGP encrypts the secret key with a 
different algorithm. I assume that this is still the case with
PGP 8.0. 

if so,  FAQ 5.9 is of interest: