I have no idea about "IDEA."

Joseph Bruni brunij@earthlink.net
Tue Mar 18 02:07:01 2003

I ran into this when importing my keys from PGP. I had originally 
created my keys in 1997, and apparently the IDEA algorithm was in vogue 
those days. Somewhere along the line the default algo changed, and had 
I ever changed my passphrase during the next five years, the algo would 
have been automatically changed for me. Because of this, I had assumed 
that PGP and GPG were not interoperable. Silly me...

On Monday, March 17, 2003, at 01:23 PM, Johan Wevers wrote:

>> Why does it think I encrypted the message with IDEA, when I
>> don't have IDEA capability installed.
> You have the secret key encrypted with IDEA, not the message. Judging 
> from
> the short length I'd say it's a pgp 2.x key. You can solve this by 
> using the
> IDEA plugin or re-encrypt the secret keyring.