v4-only (2003-03-09) keyanalyze results

Olaf Gellert og@pre-secure.de
Tue Mar 18 11:56:56 2003

Jason Harris wrote:
> What if there were no v2/v3 PGP keys?
> A v4-only keyanalyze analysis:
>   http://keyserver.kjsl.com/~jharris/ka/2003-03-09-v4only/
> otherwise using the same data as the full analysis for the same date:
>   http://keyserver.kjsl.com/~jharris/ka/2003-03-09/
> helps answer that question.
> Summary:  strong and reachable set sizes are reduced by about half.
> Of 1,829,065 keys, 1,662,070 are v4, ~91%.

Thanx Jason, very interesting. It seems that most of the
old-timers in security still use v3-keys (what sounds
perfectly reasonable if you follow the old general rule
of networking: be moderate in what you send, and be
complaisant in what you accept).

In the long run the v3-keys will be used less and less
for sure, but until now it seems they are still the
heart of the web of trust...


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