gnupg and hushmail, and deleting keys/revoking

Elf Spice
Wed Mar 19 05:55:02 2003

Hello people,

I'm new to using gnupg, at least in the form I am now using. I am 
running windows xp (sp1) and mozilla 1.3 (yay) and enigmail.

I have gone to and retrieved public keys for users I 
correspond with who use hushmail, as I want to use gnupg instead of 
having to use the java husmail client, which is much less convenient.

I imported the keys using enigmail's import functions, but for some 
reason it isn't allowing me to encrypt mail to these keys. the error is:

c:\\gnupg\\gpg.exe --batch --no-tty --status-fd 2 --comment 'Using GnuPG 
with Mozilla -' -a -e -s --always-trust 
--encrypt-to <> -r <> -u 
<> --passphrase-fd 0
gpg:<>:skipped: public key not found
gpg: [stdin]: sign+encrypt failed: public key not found

I am having no problems encrypting on the other end via my 
perfectlyprivate hushmail account, after exporting my keys to it. I 
couldn't get that to work at first either because i have two keys to the 
same email address, one i created on the commandline and the other 
created by enigmail. I got them separated by posting the exported keys 
on and searched and found I'd actually submitted two 
keys, which I had no idea I'd done.

How do I get it to use the keys it has already imported for these 
hushmail accounts, how do I revoke a key with (and if 
anyone knows, hushmail) and how do I delete the key after I revoke it?