GnuPG and the web site

Anthony E. Greene
Wed Mar 19 19:33:03 2003

Adam Funk wrote:
> I just had a look at (for the first time). In all fairness 
> to the site, it does list "Gnu Privacy Guard" under "Members" of the 
> OpenPGP Alliance, with a link to and a brief description 
> that mentions that GnuPG is freely available GNU software.

I saw that, but that is a member's site, not a direct reference to GnuPG 
as an implementation of OpenPGP.

> Also, "Downloads" has a link to "" which prominently features 
> GnuPG.

Also not a direct reference from the OpenPGP Alliance.

My objection is that the OpenPGP Alliance seems to only care about 
supporting and promoting "PGP", not OpenPGP compliant software.

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