I have no idea about "IDEA."

Johan Wevers johanw@vulcan.xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 19 22:30:02 2003

none wrote:

>> What's your problem with using the IDEA plugin? I have
>> IDEA selected as algorithm of first choice to use, as a
>> matter of thrust in the algorithm.

> Legal problems for one thing. From what I know, Ascom-Tech
> AG does not allow commercial use of IDEA without purchasing
> a license (I don't think I can buy a license for a Linux
> version anyway :) ).

Yeah, well, the chance of getting into trouble with that is negligible.
I don't care when I break some stupid patents.

> Regardless, several good unencumbered alternatives exist.

They are not as long on the market as IDEA, with the exception of 3DES
but that has in some attacks a shorter efective keylength of 112 (although
such an attack requires a LOT of memory). Anyway, I choose my prefered
algorithms purely for cryptographical reasons and ignore any other reasons.

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