GPGrelay (Was: Gnupg and hushmail)

Per Tunedal
Thu Mar 20 20:49:01 2003

At 17:38 2003-03-20 +0000, David Picon Alvarez wrote:
 >> I have only read through the site and therefore may have missed
 >> something, but isn't there a lot of setup involved with regard to
 >> "Keyrules" and "Profiles"? Just reading that section was what turned
 >> me off to it. Are you saying that this can be automated or set to a
 >> default or something?
 >Yep. You can use a default profile (for example my default profile sets
 >in-line signing) and add new keys to whatever profile you want. Also you can
 >use aliases with wildcards. It is not too bothersome to set up unless you
 >have strange needs. Basically, for me I have one in-line signing profile and
 >an encrypt+signing profile and then I use the pre-installed pass-through
 >profile by using aliases when people or mailing lists are bothered by the
 >default signing behaviour.
 >- --David.
I really love GPGrelay! It's simple to use after the initial setup of the 
relays, yet powerful. You can even do a lot of key administration with it. 
(More is to come, meanwhile you can use my simple tools on )

GPGrelay is a step towards an encryption tool for everyone, but yet the 
setup is to hard for my Granny or my children. Still, if I set it up even 
very old or very young people can sign and encrypt.

It works fine in a multiuser environment on my Windows XP computer.

Per Tunedal