Revocation of a user id?

David Shaw
Fri Mar 21 23:49:02 2003

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On Fri, Mar 21, 2003 at 10:50:30PM +0100, Volker Augustin wrote:

> I recently lost my e-mail account at university as I am not a
> student anymore.  Recently some people signed my key. Unfortunately,
> they also signed the user id belonging to the university e-mail
> account so that it now seems that this e-mail address is still
> active. Therefore, I am thinking about revoking that user id. First
> of all, what is the correct procedure to do so? Simply selecting the
> user id in the edit-key dialog and using revsig to revoke my own
> signature on the user id?

Yes, exactly.  In 1.2.2 you will be able to use "revuid" to do the
same thing with a bit less prompting.

> Secondly, what are the implications of this? Does this break my
> signature on other peoples keys? And does this mean that other
> peoples signatures on that user id can no longer be used by third
> people to establish a key chain to my key? (which would implicate
> that this user id should simply not be used going forward but
> signatures made to it or signatures made by it still remain valid).

Trust is chained via user IDs, so if you have multiple user IDs, and a
person signed them all, if you revoke one it does not matter from the
perspective of that person.  If the person only signed one user ID,
and you revoke that one, then the chain stops that that point.


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