Revocation of a user id?

Eugene Smiley
Sat Mar 22 01:16:02 2003

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>>> Secondly, what are the implications of this? Does this break my
>>> signature on other peoples keys? And does this mean that other
>>> peoples signatures on that user id can no longer be used by third
>>> people to establish a key chain to my key? (which would implicate
>>> that this user id should simply not be used going forward but
>>> signatures made to it or signatures made by it still remain valid).
>> Trust is chained via user IDs, so if you have multiple user IDs, and a
>> person signed them all, if you revoke one it does not matter from the
>> perspective of that person.  If the person only signed one user ID,
>> and you revoke that one, then the chain stops that that point.
>So, that means that my signature on other peoples keys automatically
>becomes invalid?

The signatures that you have added to other peoples keys will be valid
unless you revoke your key. Maybe it'll be easier to explain by
looking at your key. This is based on the key that I pulled down from
the key servers.

Your school UID has 23 signatures plus a self-sig.
Your other  UID has  6 signatures plus a self-sig.

They share 4 signatures. In other words, 19 people signed UID #1, 2
people signed UID #2 and 4 people signed both.

What David is saying is that if you revoke the school UID, it doesn't
matter to the 4 who have signed both keys or the 2 people who have
signed UID #2.

"If the person only signed one user ID, and you revoke that one, then
the chain stops that that point." Meaning that the signatures from the
19 people that haven't signed UID #2 are no longer valid.

The solution is to have those 19 people sign the new UID. They then
have access to the chain of signatures you are at the beginning of.

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