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Peter Lavender plaven@bigpond.net.au
Sun Mar 23 01:35:02 2003

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> | please bare with me if this is a FAQ - I couldn't find
> | the answer. Pointers are very welcome.
> |
> | I wonder what the dot after the (3) means in the following
> | output

This was rather timely, I was wondering about this myself.

> That means its set to be the primary UID. This can be changed by
> selecting the UID you want and then typing command 'primary'.
> IE.
> |uid <number>
> |primary
I'm using 1.0.6 and it doesn't appear that this command is available:

Command> uid 1

pub  1024D/22425813  created: 2001-06-30 expires: never      trust: f/u
sub  1024g/2806A9F1  created: 2001-06-30 expires: never
(1)* Peter Lavender <plaven@bigpond.net.au>
(2)  Peter Lavender <plaven@ozemail.com.au>
(3). Peter Lavender (Work) <peter.lavender@maxware.com>

Command> primary

Invalid command  (try "help")

Or have I got it wrong.

> You can read up about primary UID's in the GNUPG guidebook if you not
> sure what is meant by this.

Thanks for the info.


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