and GnuPG

Mike Markowitz
Mon Mar 24 11:21:02 2003

At 12:20 PM 3/19/2003 +0100, pplf wrote:
>Do you think it is a good thing that GnuPG is not shown in the 
> "Download" page ?

Now that *that* has been corrected, it might be worth pointing out to Phil
that RFC2440 is NOT an IETF "Standard" so that he can correct that error
(which appears on numerous pages throughout the site).

For example, says:
"By becoming an IETF standard (<>RFC 
2440), OpenPGP ..."

while says:
"The OpenPGP standard is defined by the OpenPGP Working Group of the Internet
Engineering Task Force (<>IETF) standard 
<>RFC 2440."

Perhaps Phil needs to read so that the 
difference in meaning between "RFC" and a "IETF Standard" is more clear. Or 
is he
using "standard," as opposed to "Standard," as a synonym for "Proposed 
It's hard to tell. <g>)

"Standards" are the RFCs listed in the the *first* table on, not just anything that appears on
that page.

Good luck!


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