User Ids without email address

Tue Mar 25 16:51:01 2003

soma wrote:
  >>So in order to avoid the loss of trust chains because of no longer used
>>resp. lost email addresses it seems to make sense to add a user id
>>without email address to each key. This user id will always be valid
>>unless one changes his name, e. g. because of marriage. But even then
>>the user id could still be considered as valid; maybe people who
>>consider changing their name in case of marriage should add a comment
>>like "birthname" to this user id.
> I would like to know if this is possible also. I have generated a key
> pair for myself three times and learned about key revocation, but I
> would prefer to avoid needing to revoke my key in the future, just
> because I change my email address.

Designing the system such as WOT without fully considering
what should and what should not be used as a permament, unique
identifier was perhaps excusable at the time, but is clearly
breaking the system now. An open-use autoresponder returning
consecutive numbers - to which the "owner" if free to append
such descriptive string as he or she sees fit - is clearly