Wiggins d'Anconia wiggins@danconia.org
Mon Mar 31 02:03:02 2003

Burns wrote:
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> If it were a "product", that would be true. But, it's not a
> product. It's volunteer work done to preserve a source of good
> opensource software. I think that people who give away the results
> of their own hard work, don't need to apologize for using their
> soapbox for other things once in awhile.

Assuming of course that everyone who has contributed to the development 
feels the same way, were all contributors consulted on their opinion and 
taken into consideration?  (since I am not one I don't know, but then 
again am I since I watch the list and use the software?  or because in 
the future I might have a bug to report or contribute code?)  If even 
one contributor feels the opposite way shouldn't their view be expressed 
in equal intensity in the same manner? ... In which case we hit a point 
where what the original intentions of the site/development are no longer 
being fulfilled.... a rather slippery slope to be climbing...