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On 30-Mar-2003/18:03 -0500, Rich <rich@cnylug.org> wrote:
>On Sun, 2003-03-30 at 16:46, Gustavo Vasconcelos wrote:
>  I agree completely.  This is one American who opposes this re-election
>campaign (I'm sorry, I meant military action) and am completely
>comfortable knowing that my friends in Germany who maintain this web
>site not only have opinions on the subject, express them, and happen to
>agree with mine.

I was in Germany in 1990, following the the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.

I had to walk through lines of protesters carrying signs saying "No Blood
for Oil". (Kein Blut Fur Oil) Excuse the missing umlauts.

This following an Iraqi invasion of a sovereign country. Iraqi soldiers
were looting Kuwait City and the protesters were criticizing the U.S. for
threatening to kick them back into Iraq. Puleeez.

I would give more credibility to these protests if there were ever a time
when they weren't anti-U.S.  But that never happens. According to them the
U.S. is *always* wrong.

Never mind that the Kuwaitis had just lost their country.

In the 1980's they protested the fielding of the Pershing II missile. This
is the missile that finally convinced the Soviet Union to get serious at
the bargaining table. Within a couple of years the Soviet intermediate
range missiles that had been aimed at the protesters own homes, and which
the protesters had not protested against, had been removed and destroyed,
along with the U.S. missiles they'd been protesting. They were protesting
the very missiles that played a critical part in making them safer. Not
that you'd ever get them to admit it.

These people have demonstrated only one thing; they are not to be taken
seriously. If they were, then Kuwait would now be the 19th Province of

When they can reliably be said to base their positions on the facts
instead of being consistently anti-U.S., then I'll listen. Until then,
they're simply not credible.

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