Gustavo Vasconcelos gustavo.hlv@gmx.net
Mon Mar 31 05:06:29 2003

What does should one say about a country that used a thermonuclear
artifact two times in history against civilians exclusivelly?

Why this same country does not help the muslims who are being
massacrated by Israel?

Let's not be naive: Bush is not trying to save the people or to make
justice. If you really believe in this than there's no need to carry
this thread much longer.


Robin Lynn Frank wrote:

> Not to be argumentative, but if "morality" means sitting back and
> allowing a
> regime that has had a history of using poison gas on its own people and
> torching it's neighbor's major financial assets, go merrily on its
> way, then
> I hope we never become moral.

Gustavo Vasconcelos
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