verification of clearsigned e-mails // question/request

Joseph Bruni
Sat May 3 02:49:03 2003

This is not just with Windows. MS Outlook Express on Mac OS also tries 
to be helpful by converting tabs into space runs after the message is 
signed. Fortunately, Outlook Express does not run on OS X.

On Thursday, May 1, 2003, at 08:47 PM, David Shaw wrote:

> The wrapping problem seems to affect Windows PGP users far more than
> users of any of the *nix systems.  This isn't something intrinsic in
> Windows, but rather in the mail programs on Windows - they generally
> don't have direct OpenPGP integration, and so do tricks to grab the
> text before sending.  It's common to grab the text, sign it, and then
> have the mail program be "helpful" and re-wrap the text before it
> sends it.