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Michael Nahrath gnupg-users@nahrath.de
Sun May 4 14:28:02 2003

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Joseph Bruni wrote:
> If it's not too much trouble, I would like to see an option added to
> "configure" that would allow me to change the compiled-in default value
> of GNUPG_HOMEDIR. (I already know about the GNUPGHOME environment
> variable.)
> Here is why: On Mac OS X, files and directories whose name begins with a
> dot are not visible in the Finder or in any other program using the
> standard Open File and Save File routines. 

Actually doing a [command]+[shift]+[g] gives a rather simple interface to
reach those folders in the finder.

> Apple does this to honor the
> Unix tradition of considering such objects as "invisible". This is fine,
> but I don't think that the files contained in ~/.gnupg should be
> invisible. 

At least they should not be visible data directly under ~/

> Rather, these files should be visible to such utilities as
> Backup (for obvious reasons). 

Aren't they? So this should be a bug report about 'Backup'.

> In the OS X way of thinking, these files
> should probably reside in the ~/Library/GnuPG directory. 

Reasonable path in the layout of MacOS X, but unfortunately this would break
 every other tool that relies to find the GPG homedir in ~/.gnupg

> Therefore, I
> would like to set the compiled-in default value of GNUPG_HOMEDIR to
> "~/Library/GnuPG".

Have you tried

	mv ~/.gnupg ~/Library/GnuPG
	ln -s ~/Library/GnuPG ~/.gnupg

Wasn't that sufficient to your needs?

Greeting, Michi

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