Problem with Import of ultimate trusted key

Sebastian Wiesinger
Mon May 5 11:18:02 2003

Hi all!

I have a problem here with the import of my own public key into
another keyring (the key is in pubring.gpg and in mykey.asc):

I use gpg 1.2.1 with the following options:

gpg --no-options --armor --no-default-keyring --keyring mykey.gpg --import mykey.asc

If I do so, the import resets the trust of my key to "unkown", also in
my main keyring (well it just updates the trustdb). Is it possible to
stop gpg from updating the trustdb for specific imports?

GPG Key-ID: 0x76B79F20 (0x1B6034F476B79F20)
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