Fri May 9 16:25:02 2003

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>> You need to build a web of trust - get your key signed by other GPG/PGP
>> users, and sign their key. may list some people in

> I'm getting tremendous delays on that server - every page times out.

Sorry about that. Some spammer decided to use one of my domain names as their 
"from" address, and I got swamped with bounces. :( In addition, 
is bouncing as well (they are out of disk space - go fig). Damage control 
is mostly done now, so the site should be more responsive.

> I'm listed under one of the big cities, Philadelphia. 
> isn't smart enough unfortunately to group suburbs with their parent 
> city, so what most of the "Philadelphians" did was say they lived in 
> Philadelphia even though they really live in an outlying suburb.

I am open to ideas about how to do this. Generally, it is better to list 
yourself as the nearest big city - people out of town are not going to 
be familiar with the suburb names, and most meetings will actually take 
place in the "main city" itself. Therefore I recommend listing yourself 
as the nearest large city and putting your specific location in the notes.
We are up to 328 cities now. I combine them whenever possible, such as typos 
and English vs. I8N spellings (e.g. German cities): if anyone sees a city 
that looks out of place, please let me know.

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Greg Sabino Mullane
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