mobile GPG installation

Sun May 11 17:22:02 2003

Burns wrote:
> Change homedir (in the registry) to "A:\gpgsec" (trust file and
> random seed file will be here from now on, along with your own
> keypairs)
> Somebody, let me know if I'm giving bad advice here.

Only in the sense that (as per original poster's scenario)
fiddling with the registry entries on the computer that belongs
to someone else, who lets you look at your mail for a few
minutes is a bad idea. We are still waiting for the good GPG
creators to understand the very real need for a GPG variant
that REQUIRES NO INSTALLATION, i.e., a program that is
not "fused" to a particular "box", but only to an operating
system and the medium it resides on (floppy, CD...).

(Why is this such a difficult concept to fathom?)