[Q] key vs subkey.

Daniel Carrera dcarrera@math.umd.edu
Sun May 11 19:41:02 2003

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Hello all,

Thanks for all the help.  I'm learning this stuff pretty quickly.  The=20
resources have been very useful.

I'm currently figuring out subkeys.  This is what I know so far:

 - I have a unique DSA key for signing.
 - I can have multiple ElGamal keys for encription.  These are the
 - The command below tells me that my 1024-bit DSA key has a KeyID
   0FEBCEC3, and that of my 2048-bit ElGamal key is 0D1C25EC.

  dcarrera ~ $ gpg --fingerprint daniel
  pub  1024D/0FEBCEC3 2003-05-10 Daniel Carrera (PhD Student, Math)=20
     Key fingerprint =3D C678 4F28 6418 6A62 F186  98FC 9E04 B9A0 0FEB CEC3
  sub  2048g/0D1C25EC 2003-05-10 [expires: 2005-05-09]

So far so good?  Now my questions:

-  What's the difference between the fingerprint and the KeyID?
-  Does only the signing key have a fingerprint?
-  Which KeyID do I use to generate my public key?
   I figure it must be the ElGamal one.

Thanks for the help,
Daniel Carrera          | OpenPGP fingerprint:     | DSA KeyID:
Graduate TA  Math Dept. | C678 4F28 6418 6A62 F186 | 0x0FEBCEC3
UMD  (301) 405-5137     | 98FC 9E04 B9A0 0FEB CEC3 |=20

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