gnupg encrypted mail and malware/spam

Joseph Bruni
Mon May 12 07:03:02 2003

You hit the nail on the head here. If the most virus-vulnerable 
software were not also the most common, the anti-virus companies would 
be nearly out of business.

As an IT manager, it is intellectually dishonest to continue to try to 
play both sides of the game here: One cannot on the one hand claim to 
be for system security, cost effectiveness, etc., while at the same 
time continue to support and recommend software from Microsoft. To do 
so is merely paying lip-service and is professionally dishonorable.

To establish a corporate policy banning the use of encryption because 
"someone might slip through a Windows virus" is reprehensible. If one 
of my employees ever recommended something like that I would fire him.

On Saturday, May 10, 2003, at 06:54 PM, John Clizbe wrote:

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> Eugene Smiley wrote:
>> I think you are missing the point with regard to the issue of
>> server based virus scanning. It isn't that hard to imagine a
>> virus generating an email via Outlook which is then passed to
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>> GPGRelay; the user isn't paying attention, types the passphrase,
>> and it get's emailed; the user on the other end decrypts it and
>> opens the attachment... BLAMO!
> Ding! There's the REAL culprit - There seems to be as many LookOut!
> exploits out on the 'Net as there are attacks against InternetExploder.
> Perhaps a less-easily hijacked MUA is needed. What you describe here is
> more E-mail worm than SPAM.
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