mobile GPG installation

Tue May 13 04:53:04 2003

Werner Koch wrote:

 > No they are an immense problem.  There a hundred of thousands script
 > kiddies waiting to attack your box.  In contrast only a few people can
 > get physical access.

I agree with your correction - hope you will agree with mine:

Yes, malware/keyloggers/etc. are bigger problem than the tone of
my previous post implies. But physical protection of the box is alaso
a *sigificant* problem for many users. And use of "other people's
computers" can often mitigate this problem; as, I believe, the
original poster aluded.

I will terminate my contribution to this thread with the following

It is valid to advise the user to use GPG only on a trusted computer.
It is however not valid to assume there will be only one computer
he or she can trust.